full fathom five by five

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The girls who just moved into the apartment next to mine are either shouting encouraging things to each other in an affirming, girl-power kind of way while dancing raucously to ’80s pop hits, or else having really loud sex to a lot of ’80s pop hits.

Either way, yes, good.

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Even if I don’t get this job, during my second interview today I made a Cam Jansen joke to people who understood what i was talking about and also thought it was funny, so I’m gonna chalk it up as a win either way.

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All right, tumblr, you and your enticing .gifs win: I’m starting Orange Is the New Black.

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I have apparently decided to compromise by making dinosaur noises at odd intervals.

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Suddenly so many good things are tentatively happening/starting to happen/seem likely to maybe start happening that at any given moment i don’t know whether to dissolve into high pitched squealing and glee or hold myself in an anxious pose for fear that if I don’t it’ll all go away.

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I wrote this months ago, and in light of recent events and all the stories flooding the internet about this (and other) type(s) of commonplace dude awfulness, it seems a good time to post it.

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